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I’ll be joined by a great group of speakers from SolarCity, ZipCar and the University of Texas for a panel on low carbon living and mobility at SXSW Eco on October 8 at 9:00am. If you attend, please find me and say hello!

I’ll be joined by a great group of speakers from SolarCity, ZipCar and the University of Texas for a panel on low carbon living and mobility at SXSW Eco on October 8 at 9:00am. If you attend, please find me and say hello!


As demonstrated in Honda Smart Home US, distributed solar energy and plug-in electric vehicles can join forces to provide zero carbon living and mobility in an amazing way. As more and more EVs and houses fitted with solar panels come online, however, new challenges are presented to electric grid operators. We visited the California ISO (CAISO), which maintains reliability in one of the largest and most modern power grids in the world, to discuss these challenges and the way that Honda’s HEMS solves them.

In related news, we recently joined forces with major utilities and automakers to standardize vehicle-grid communications.

Open Sourcing Honda Smart Home

In the three months following our launch, the response to Honda Smart Home has been truly amazing. We’ve hosted over a thousand visitors in Davis including architects, builders, researchers, academics, media, policymakers and enthusiastic members of the public. And we’ve received inquiries and proposals from businesses all across the world looking to get involved in green building.

Many of the people and companies we’ve met with wanted to know how they could incorporate what we’ve demonstrated into their own projects, or build upon what we’ve learned in their own research. We want nothing more than to facilitate this effort, so today, we’re releasing a batch of files the get the process rolling. By visiting the “downloads” section above, you will now find several files available:

Architectural Plans – We worked with Lim Chang Rohling & Associates to create a beautiful form that incorporates passive design, and Monley Cronin, Inc. to build it. Although the details of our design have been fine tuned to take advantage of the sun and weather at our site, I hope that any interested individuals are able to use our plans as a starting point to create their own sustainable homes around the country. This download contains PDFs as well as the 2D and 3D CAD data to facilitate the design process.

Interior Design & Plans – Love the tile we chose in the bathrooms? Or the efficient appliances in the kitchen? Thanks to MAK Design+Build, we were able to spec local and sustainable materials throughout the home – a critical part of the holistic design process. It can be daunting to find furniture and materials that you feel good about, so if you are building or renovating your home, please take a look at these files which list all of our interior materials and where to find them.

Mechanical & Plumbing Plans – Some of the most innovative work we’re doing on this project involves the ground source heating and cooling. Many researchers have expressed an interest in building upon this work, and these plans are a great starting point.

We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at if you incorporate any of our work into your own project, or if you have any ideas or questions. If you send us something really cool, we’ll feature it here.


Zero-carbon living: Honda’s smart home to pave the way to a greener future | Factor

We recently sat down with UK-based journalist Matthew Burgess to update him on the HSH commissioning process.  Check out his article on Factor.

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The Honda-designed Home Energy Management System (HEMS) located in the garage is a hardware and software system that monitors, controls and optimizes electrical generation and consumption throughout the home’s microgrid. The 10kWh energy storage system (dark box to the right) uses the same lithium-ion cells that are found in the Honda Fit EV. Our HEMS stores solar energy generated during the day for use at night, when household demand typically peaks and electric vehicles are usually charged.  It is also capable of “listening" to the grid to ensure we only draw power at the most carbon-efficient times.  

BIG DATA. This is the #HondaSmartHome mechanical room. Every day the home’s systems generate 278 channels of data that are stored locally on a data logger at one minute resolution. This information is uploaded every 12 hours to the cloud via a third-party data service that also performs error-checking functions in case any sensor becomes damaged. Data channels include all energy flows within the home and the HEMS system, water flows, temperatures within the walls and floors, weather and various system information flags. The data is stored in CSV format, then aggregated and analyzed by Honda engineers and our industry and academic partners. Ultimately, we’re going to release all this data right here to advance the state of research into the home’s experimental systems. 


Green Economy: Search for growth hits progress on environment -

Good point by the Financial Times in this article. Corporate sustainability efforts can be viewed as offensive strategies by corporations to get ahead of the curve.   

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